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How is Outside the Box parent friendly?

Posted October 5th 2017 by Nicky

A woman and her child

Nicky is one of the Development Workers at Outside the Box and shares how she manages her work life balance for Work Life Week.

5 Reasons why I feel Outside the Box is a truly parent-friendly employer:

1) They let you bring your kids to interview (yes – they really offered me this option! and were thoroughly disappointed when I managed to find alternative child-care arrangements), meetings and where-ever else you need to be that day when the child-care arrangements fall through…

2) They know that parenting is an unpredictable rollercoaster and provide flexibility when you need it – whether it’s taking time out of a work day for a GP appointment or allowing you to move your hours around so that you can spend time with your daughter when it matters most

3) They listen when you need to rant about your lack of sleep, the state your house is in or the fact your daughter threw each of the three options you made her for breakfast on the floor

4) They never judge the fact that some of that breakfast is still on your dress

5) They recognise that you’re a human being juggling a range of priorities and utilising an array of skills as a parent and colleague – they seem to genuinely understand and value this human-ness as an organisation and that is a pretty special thing!


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