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Newtown St Boswells – Happiness Habits Café

Posted November 27th 2018 by Jo Highet

It was a chilly, dark evening and the clocks had changed overnight but we were delighted 20 people braved the cold and joined us in the Community Wing for our Happiness Habits café in Newtown St Boswells.

The room looked welcoming with fairy lights, displays, colourful tables and enticing food. Participants ages varied greatly with our youngest participant being only 3 months old!

SBC councillor Elaine Thorton-Nicol offered an enthusiastic introduction. Participants were asked what would make Newton even better and there was no shortage of ideas! The most popular were to research the history of the village, a Gala day and a cinema club.

Participants were also asked if they might be interested in helping to organise activities which might come about as a result of the evening’s discussion.

There is now a list of willing helpers -offering to homebake, deliver leaflets, write notes and a great offer to take photographs and support a website!

To round off a really positive evening participants were offered the chance to try New Age Kurling – several enjoyed their first taste (I suspect it won’t be their last!)

Our next step will be liaise with Elaine Thorton Nicol to ensure we support some of these things to happen.


Watch the video from our Caddonfoot New Age Kurling Group


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