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MOVING FORWARD: Sylvia’s Story

Posted January 24th 2019 by Moving Forward

In this blog series, we’re going to be sharing stories from our Moving Forward project. As part of this project, Outside The Box and Turning Point Scotland worked with individuals involved with criminal justice services. We set out to investigate and illustrate how small sums of money might increase individuals choice and control over their lives – with a view to making a positive impact on their lives. We worked with individuals to identify what was important to them, and what things would make a difference in their lives. They then received a micro budget for an activity or something that would make a positive change.

This is Sylvia’s story.

Sylvia wants a fresh start for her and her grandson and will use her micro budget to make a difference to both of their lives  to help them move forward, together.

Sylvia is in her fifties with two grown up daughters and several grandchildren. She has convictions for breach of the peace committed while under the influence of alcohol.

Her daughter is about to enter a  residential unit to deal with her heroin addiction. As a result, Sylvia’s thirteen-year-old grandson will be coming to live with her shortly. He has experienced bullying at school because of his mother’s addiction. However, is doing well.

Sylvia is hoping to move into a two-bedroom house with her grandson. Sylvia will use her micro budget to buy new bedroom furniture for his room.

She says: ‘I don’t want to make the same mistakes that I made with my daughters. I’m determined to provide a stable, secure home life for my grandson.’

This case study is taken from the Moving Forward evaluation report. For the Moving Forward project, Outside the Box, Turning Point Scotland and the Glasgow Community Justice Authority worked with other partners in Glasgow to create more choice and control in support for people in touch with the criminal justice system. The project was funded by the Scottish Government for three years, and this has now come to an end. For more information, please contact


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