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Moving Forward: Behind our masks

Posted October 11th 2017 by Ciara

Moving Forward is a project we’re working on with Turning Point Scotland, offering small flexible budgets for individuals to help them achieve their goals and make a difference in their lives.
We have been testing out how this might work and have recruited some volunteers to help us. We are working with people and support workers from community justice organisation in Glasgow.
This week we had a workshop to start thinking about what might help women to move forward in their lives. We decorated some masks and thought about what people see when they look at us – what do we project, what assumptions do they make, and how do we think we appear to the world? Then we thought about the things that people don’t see, that we keep to ourselves or people don’t know about us.
This helped us to think about what we might want from the future, what we want to do next  and the things that are important to us in living good active and meaningful lives.   
Two ideas the women had so far are, gym membership and clothes for the gym because this is something that she can do for herself that helps her physical health and her mental health and well being. Another idea was for things to help with decorating like paints, brushes and wallpaper. The reason for this is that a partner had recently moved out so she wanted to look at doing some decorating to make the space her own again and to have a fresh start.



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