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How do you make new friends?

Posted February 22nd 2018 by Alice

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Having friends is important. When we have things to look forward to in the diary, or have someone to chat to over a cup of tea, we feel better. But making friends can be really difficult too, especially if you are a more shy or reserved person. That’s why we created a guide as part of our Angus McFlourish project on how to make friends and cope with loneliness. We created the guide after speaking to lots of people who explained how difficult it is to make new friends, especially when you have difficulties with your mental health. An organisation we work with recently had a session chatting about how to make friends. Below are some of the tips they had:

If a person is stuck with something, try to help them. For example if they are shy go over and speak to them.

Ask someone you want to be friends with their hobbies to get them speaking.

Be polite

Compliment people you want to be friends with in a genuine way

Ask a person you want to be friends with if they do Facebook. If you feel shy you could start texting them on Facebook to get to know them better.

Be friendly but give people there personal space when you want to be friends with them.

Respect others boundaries.

Do not focus on yourself too much, try and listen and focus on what the other person has to say.

Try & like some of the stuff the other person you want to be friends with likes, for example, someone who likes Star Wars, you could ask them what their favourite characters are and what the favourite Star Wars films is.

Try not to overthink about making a friend with someone you like, just go for it.

Join a friendship group called dates and mates.

Give people time to get to know you.

The group also shared some advice on things not to do:

Jump in head first.

Do not hassle people to be friends.

Do not scare people by texting too much.

Do not be clingy.

Do not give out personal information such as passwords to people you have just met.

If you have any tips  of your own let us know by commenting below or by emailing Conversations like these show us just how important it is for people to get the opportunity to get together to make friends. Our Friends Group project is just one example of a group where we are bringing people together to make friends and have fun. If you have learning difficulties and live in Falkirk, or the surrounding area, then why not come along? Take a look at the Friends Group project page for more information.



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