LGBT+ Love and Relationships Creative Storytelling Project

About the LGBT+ storytelling project

We’re supporting researchers at the University of Dundee, the Intergenerational National Network and Citadel Centre to share their exciting project.

They’re particularly looking for middle aged and older LGBT+ people to get involved. The project focuses on using creative storytelling – including zine-making. We can’t wait to see where it goes!

To get an idea of what’s involved, take a look at the agenda here: LGBT+ Creative Storytelling Workshop 1 Programme

Invitation to participate

You can read the full invitation here: LGBT+ Storytelling Project Participant Invite

Sign up to take part on Eventbrite.

‘We would like to invite you to participate in a creative storytelling research project hosted by researchers from the University of Dundee together with development workers from Citadel Centre. The purpose of this project is to explore social and health outcomes of younger, middle-aged, and older peoples’ LGBT+ love and relationship

What will this involve?

  • Participating in three consecutive 1.5-hour creative storytelling workshops June 17th, July 1st and July 15th 2021, which will require 0.5-hour prep work before each session (such as reviewing the workshop materials). The total participation time will be 6 hours.

Workshop activities entail the following:

  • Workshop 1: participants will be asked to identify key LGBT+ love and relationship topics
  • Workshop 2: participants will be asked to engage in fictional storytelling regarding the key LGBT+ love and relationship topics
  • Workshop 3: participants will be asked to input into the development of a Zine consisting of graphic novel elements

The study is funded through an Incubator Grant awarded by the Institute of Social Science Research at the University of Dundee. The project involves a collaboration between University of Dundee’s Schools of Health Sciences, Humanities, and Education and Social Work, Medicine and community partners Citadel Centre and the Intergenerational National Network.

How to get involved in the LGBT storytelling project

We have attached a participant information sheet which gives you more details about this project. If you are interested in taking part, then please contact Dr Ashleigh Ward

LGBT+ Storytelling Project Informed Consent Form

LGBT+ Storytelling Project Participant Information Sheet (1)

You can sign up for the creative storytelling project here.