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Outdoors for Wellbeing #8 – Bringing the outside in

Posted April 7th 2021 by Ania

Outdoors for wellbeing, bringing the outside in blog cover with houseplant images.

Outdoors for wellbeing #9 – Bringing the outside in

The magic of indoor gardening

So far in our series of blogs we have talked about experiencing the outdoors. But if you can’t or don’t want to go outside you can still benefit from the goodness that green living things bring.

We would like to introduce you to Grant from Calluna Ethical Living in Stirling – a family run independent shop with lots of fair trade, ethical and sustainable goods. Calluna in the great City of Stirling stocks mostly homewares, clothing accessories (bamboo socks), jewellery and a huge array of indoor houseplants.

Here’s a video of Grant talking about indoor plants, the benefits they bring and how best to look after them. Grant shares some great tips around the 3 ingredients for happy house plants: light, water and soil.

Enjoying indoor gardening

Here are some of our favourite benefits of indoor plants, which Grant mentions in the video.

  • Houseplants soak up some of the chemicals in indoor air – like C02 and the small particles from carpets and furniture
  • Caring for plants indoors makes your brain release serotonin – good for mental wellbeing
  • It makes the indoors look lovely and green

If you don’t have house plants, one great option is planting carrot tops, potatoes which have sprouted in the cupboard, or fruit seeds to re-grow a plant from kitchen waste!

Have you got plants in your home? Do you have any tips or questions on how to keep them alive and well?

And check out the other blogs in our #Outdoorsforwellbeing series 😊

Big thanks to Grant for all the great gardening tips!

You can find Calluna Ethical Living at 58 Murray Place, Stirling, FK8 2BX, by phone at 01786 357150, and by email at

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