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Gran Jan’s camper van – The need for a healthy work life balance

Posted October 4th 2017 by Jan

Twp people in a canoe

Jan is one of the Development Workers at Outside the Box and shares how she manages her work life balance for Work Life Week.

As the proud owner of two grandchildren aged 6 and 11 I have a very important job to do to ensure Maddie and Marley have a positive grandparenting experience and to offer help and support to their Mum and Dad.

I am called on at various times to be a grandparent carer, especially helping out in the holidays, sick days and emergency days!
Two people on a huge sofa outdoors

As well as been lucky enough to be a grandparent, I also own Trevor – my campervan, which is a must for any grandparent.  The children and I travel far and wide and have many adventures with Trevor.  I don’t just babysit or contain M and M, I try to make our time together fun, educational and exciting.  I am not doing too bad so far but it would be all the more difficult if I didn’t work for an organisation that understands the complexities of families and the need for a healthy work life balance. Time spent with young children is so important and I greatly value working in an environment which allows me the flexibility and understanding to contribute to the care of my family.

I currently planning my last big camping trip of the season – without M and M.  They are not impressed that they can’t go but it will be nice to get my first holiday this year to myself .

I suspect though, I will miss them!
two sleeping children


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