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Free human rights taster sessions – we can come to you

Posted February 12th 2018 by Alice

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Older people’s rights are human rights. But there is a difference between knowing this and actually putting this into action. That’s why we are running free training sessions in East Renfrewshire looking at older people’s rights and how they play a part in the support and activities available for them.

Older people often have caring responsibilities for their grandchildren and will attend groups for the children but this does not meet their needs.

At the taster sessions we will look at different factors such as what the barriers and solutions are for older people accessing their rights, what the issues are for older people who want to live at home and how we can make sure society treats older people equally regardless of race, religion or any other status.

Older persons should be able to reside at home for as long as possible.

Do you think people from your organisation, group or charity could benefit from our training? We are having sessions with anyone who feels they could benefit from them, from Guilds to walking groups. If you would like a human rights training session then we can come to you. Following on from the taster session if you want more sessions then we would be happy to run those but there is no pressure to do so.

There is a lot of anxiety and fear for people of working age about growing older and how they will be able to afford to live.

We hope that, following the taster session, people who attend will be more aware of the rights of older people especially within their wider communities.

If having a taster session sounds like something you would be interested in then contact Jill by emailing or by calling 07841 015 949.


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