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Five Minute Feel Good Tips

Posted February 16th 2021 by Dani

It can be hard to feel good just now. The pandemic, the uncertainty, the weather all impact negatively on our mental wellbeing. But all is not lost, there is plenty of things we can do to lift our mood throughout the day.


Here are our quick feel good tips, gathered from people in our Permission to Dream project and from our own lives. We’d love to hear yours, so please send them in!


  • Get things done – need to make a phone call? Dining table need tidying? Ticking small jobs off your to do list is satisfying and gives you less to worry about.
  • Eat well, feel well – when your body feels good, your brain will feel good. Fruit, veg and protein are all good choices.
  • A little of what you fancy does you good – A little treat now and then is good for you. Dark chocolate is a good choice as it contains magnesium and iron and has been shown to make you feel calm and content.
  • Show yourself you care – take five minutes to do something you like: have a cuppa, read a magazine article, put some cream on your dry hands.
  • Listen to your favourite song, or a few of them! Sing along and have a dance if the mood takes you!
  • Sometimes we get just as much, if not more, joy from making someone else feel good. Really like somebody’s hat? Tell them!
  • It’s not always possible, but time in the sunshine is an instant boost.
  • A brisk walk, running, swimming and cycling will all get your blood pumping and decrease stress. Especially if you smile while doing it.
  • Get outdoors – some fresh air and a change of scene can be refreshing. Walking in nature is particularly good, green is known to be a calming colour.
  • Laughter is the best medicine – try some laughter yoga or watch something funny on youtube. Bonus feelgood points if it’s something funny with animals!
  • Meditation can help you to feel calm and relaxed. There are different types of meditation – body scan, loving kindness or observing thought. There are lots of free apps you could try.
  • Focus on the positive – taking five minutes every day to write down three things you are grateful for can help to shift your perspective.

For more information about Permission to dream visit Permission to Dream – Outside The Box (

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