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Oct 3 2019
Oct 3 2019

Magic Moments Workshop


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9.30 Arrival and refreshments

10.00 Anne Connor of Outside The Box will give an introduction to the day

10.15: Dr Emma Miller and Nick Andrews will present on gathering and use of qualitative data for evaluation, learning and development

11.00: Refreshment break

11.15: Story and dialogue-learning workshop exercise led by Nick Andrews

12.15: Next steps – what comes next? how would you like to see this work continued?

12.30: Finish



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Magic Moments Workshop

– Using STORIES to tell all



Too often in community development and health and social care, we rely only on quantitative data to learn from our work. But numbers can never tell the whole story.

In this practical and interactive workshop, we’ll explore ways of using stories to give the whole picture when it comes to evaluating projects and carrying out research. We’ll demonstrate how stories can be used front and centre, not just using anecdotes or case studies as afterthoughts.

We’ll look at past examples of when relying on numbers has led to misleading results and do some myth busting around the idea that numbers provide a more ‘real’ truth. We’ll hear about how one story can make a big difference. We’ll also consider the rich evidence that can come out using narrative and explore how collective learning can come out of meaningful dialogue.

It will be a chance to open up the conversation around the use of stories and ask questions of expert researchers in social care.

Who it’s for

This event is aimed at anyone working in health and social care or community development who is interested in becoming more comfortable with qualitative data gathering and analysis. It’s also for people working in their own communities, with groups and anyone interested in talking/thinking about the wider issues around how we evaluate projects, what types of story are useful and finding another way for people to have a voice.


  • Dr Emma Miller:Senior Research Fellow, Social Work, Strathclyde University
  • Nick Andrews:Research and Practice Development Officer Wales School for Social Care Research, Swansea University
  • Anne Connor: Outside The Box
  • More TBC


9:30am – 12:30pm

Thursday 3rd October



The Wynd Centre,Paisley


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