Connection and Learning with Digital Buddies

Update on where things are going

The Digital Buddies project has felt unbelievably wholesome and energising from the start. Now we can support more people to get involved – across Scotland and across generations – the possibilities are growing!

We’ve been able to access more funding to support people in East Lothian and Highland Perthshire. As well as giving people new digital devices, we’re ready for the slow, rewarding work of helping each other with the tech details. Once people have access to peer-support, the right accessibility features turned on, and build some confidence exploring their device – the sky’s the limit!

From family and social connections, to practical independent living tasks, to having a say in local politics online, the Digital Buddies are definitely making the most of their new skills.

Watch our short Digital Buddies update video to learn more!

‘Celebrating Communities’ have shared the plans for our collaborative work with Dunbar Grammar School – check it out to learn more about the multi-generational project!

Digital Connection and Learning resources

Digital Buddies videos

Our new Digital Buddies videos are now up on a YouTube playlist!

We’ll be adding more videos to this playlist – you can subscribe to our channel to stay up to date.

We’re trying new things to make our videos as accessible as possible. BSL versions are coming soon! If you have ideas or feedback, we would love to hear from you.

Step by step guides

Working with the Digital Buddies participants, we put together these guides. The guides break down the different things you need to do to set up a new tablet, connect to the internet, and use it for all sorts of things – from podcasts to video calls.

You can download and print these guides, or share them digitally with people you know.

Getting started with a Samsung tablet

This guide shows you how to get started when you first get a new tablet. Read the ‘Getting Started’ guide here. 

Setting up your Samsung tablet

This guide shows you how to set up your tablet for the first time. Read the ‘Setting up your tablet’ guide here. 

Charging your Samsung tablet

This guide shows you how to charge a tablet. Read the ‘Charging your tablet’ guide here.

Changing the Accessibility settings on your tablet

This guide helps you work out how to change the Accessibility settings. This lets you change some settings on your tablet, like the size of the text, to make it more accessible to use. Read the ‘Changing the accessibility settings’ guide here. 

Video calling with Facebook Messenger

This guide shows you how to do a video call on your tablet, using the Facebook Messenger app. Read the ‘Video calling with Facebook Messenger’ guide here. 

Listening to Podcasts on a Samsung tablet

This guide shows you how to download a Podcast app, to search and listen to Podcasts on your tablet. Read the ‘Listening to Podcasts’ guide here.

Sending an email using Gmail on a Samsung tablet

This guide shows you how to use Gmail to send an email on your tablet. It might be helpful, even if you use a different email host like Outlook or Yahoo. Read the ‘Sending an email using Gmail’ guide here. 

Replying to an email using Gmail on a Samsung tablet

This guide shows you how to reply to an email using Gmail. Read the ‘Replying to an email using Gmail’ guide here.

Get in touch

As always, we would love to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts these resources, and what else you would like to see.

Get in touch with us on Twitter, or email (Borders) or (Perth and Kinross area) to find out more about Digital Buddies.