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How ‘Crowdfund Scotland’ can help you

Posted October 8th 2019 by Liz Highet

Liz Highet, Community Worker in East Renfrewshire for our Community Connections project which works towards improving social connections in Eaglesham and Waterfoot, went along to an event to learn more about raising funds for projects through people’s good will.

I attended this really informative event held at Carswell Hall in Eaglesham.  Crowdfunding is a different way to raise money for good ideas. People are increasingly bypassing more traditional funding routes such as bank loans or grants and turning instead to the people around them and in their community to support their venture. It’s been around for centuries but the internet makes it possible to reach much bigger audiences than before.  You ask the crowd to support your idea with pledges of money in return for rewards

The LEADER co-operation project called Crowdfund Scotland is now up and running, with coaches covering nine of the participating Local Action Group areas within Scotland. The Crowdfunder strategy opens up opportunities for people to learn how to raise the money for their projects across Scotland to assist with economic growth and development. Their team of crowdfunding experts on board with you every step of the way providing 1-1, step-by-step guides to follow and interactive sessions.

Crowdfund Scotland is for everyone in Scotland with an idea that can transform their community. It aims to tackle society’s challenges by making ideas happen. If you are a community group, a business, a charity, a social enterprise, a sports club, or a person with the spark of an idea that you want to make happen, then Crowdfund Scotland can help you fund it. The difference between CS and other crowdfunding sites is that it has an additional pot of funding for which you could be eligible. Projects are also connected with funding partners, including more than 25 local authorities, Santander, Virgin and M&S, who offer them grants and further support.

Creating a good Crowdfunder project does take time but the CS website is designed to make it as straightforward as possible. It has examples of what successful projects did and aims to explain your idea in a structured, concise and engaging way. A simple video and some pictures gives it a really professional look.

A crowdfunding portal, Crowdfund Scotland, will also launch on the Crowdfunder platform, featuring crowdfunding LEADER projects and providing information about funding, workshops and support.

Crowdfund Scotland can be found at:

I’m taking away lots of interesting ideas for our Community Connections Project and I’m sure other people will benefit too.







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