Connecting with Nature

Outdoor Volunteering in Falkirk

This Mental Health Awareness Week the theme is nature. Studies have consistently shown that spending time outdoors is good for your mental wellbeing and can even reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. The Falkirk team are showcasing some of the wonderful local groups with outdoor volunteering opportunities. If you have time to give, why not lend a hand and double up on the wellbeing benefits?

Zetland Park Regeneration Project

There are big changes happening at this lovely park over in Grangemouth and help is particularly welcome in the rose garden. Volunteers meet every week on Tuesdays at 4pm.

You can get more information on their facebook page:

Or contact Allana or Jessica on 01324 504721.

Tamfourhill Hub Community Garden

The team at Tamfourhill Community Hub are establishing a garden attached to the centre. There are raised beds and a potting shed, they just need some willing volunteers to get it established. Anyone with gardening knowledge is especially welcome as this is not an area the current volunteers know much about!

Mental Health Foundation resources

The Mental Health Foundation website has lots of useful resources to help you connect with nature for your wellbeing, including a really nice journal to keep track of just how it is that nature makes you feel better. Check them out here:

Other ways to connect with nature

For more ideas for connecting with nature, take a look at the Permission to Dream project’s outdoor wellbeing ideas. From meditative ‘forest bathing’, to actual wild swimming, to foraging and adventure, they’ve found lots of ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Permission to Dream: In the outdoors