Community Solutions: Other Useful Resources

Community Solutions is a collaborative project looking to increase the learning and options around community solutions that give people more access to social care and health care in Scotland.

We are working with Healthcare Improvement Scotland to use this learning to improve the ways Health and Social Care Partnerships work alongside the community sector.

Community Solutions resources that Outside the Box developed with Healthcare Improvement Scotland in 2020 and 2021, can be viewed at:  There are also case examples showing ways HSCPs and community organisations have developed local responses, including points in the diagrams.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland and other organisations have also been working to improve many of the situations we came across. These are resources that will be useful when working out what services will make an impact in your area or community, and how to get them underway.


Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s ihub team has brought together useful resources for HSCP staff who commission services as well as for people involved in delivering community services:

Healthcare Improvement Scotland resources on Human Learning Systems are also available at:



NDTi has produced two reports, funded by Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

1. Think Home Think Community: Addressing the challenges in unscheduled care.

This report includes some top tips from many discussions with people across the UK and some case studies of the breadth of work that is making a difference. Also available below is a downloadable graphic which can be adapted for local purposes.

2. Demonstrating the Impact of Community Led Approaches: Using data to understand the impact of community led and preventative care and support.

This report explores the extent to which the current set of measurements across the Health and Social Care system, or the data underpinning these measures, can be effective in capturing the impact of prevention through community-based interventions. This report also describes the approach taken to support one Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) to explore this question:


Collaborate Commissioning Resources

You can read more about Collaborative Commissioning Resources on our previous blog here: 


New Local

New Local has published A community-powered NHS: Making prevention a reality:

The report focusses on the need to build on existing best practice to create a culture of community power in within NHS bodies and across Integrated Care Systems. The practical recommendations are built on three principles:

  • Real conversations about real decisions: meaningfully involving communities in big strategic decisions and shaping the design of services.
  • Supporting strengths: a bigger role for the NHS in supporting and growing communities’ assets, focussed on the wider social determinants of health outcomes.
  • Systems leadership, not top-down control: giving leaders and the workforce the skills and confidence to value and work alongside communities.