Collaborative Commissioning Resources

The Independent Review of Adult Social Care 2021 recently published recommendations for the reform of commissioning and procurement of social care and the Improvement Service also published a briefing report on participatory budgeting.  

These new published resources contain lots of information about commissioning that community and third sectors organisations could find useful; including information on participatory budgeting, grants and the Glasgow Disability Alliance report.  


CCPS is the Coalition of Care and Support Providers in Scotland and has produced some incredible resources through partnership from a group of 6 third sector support providers and 6 local authority commissioners. The group spent several months working together to see ways in which support could be improved.  

The resources are a great demonstration of how third sector organisations and community groups can challenge the status quo and will go a long way to provide information to help them. These resources can be found here:  

Kit for Councils

Kit for Councils is another great resource for local authorities to support strong community relationships through 9 simple principles, creating optimal conditions for relationships with third sector and community groups to thrive. 

The site also contains a self-assessment tool to help assess how closely your work aligns with the framework principles.  

You can find more information about Kit for Councils here: