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Caring Communities Spotlight: Newtown St Boswell’s Phone Box Hub

Posted May 1st 2020 by Ciara

Lately we have been hearing of all the amazing community initiatives happening across Scotland during this difficult time.

One story that inspired us is from Newtown St Boswell’s, where a phone box has been turned into a mini community hub.

The phone box was decommissioned some years ago and the Community Council took ownership for the princely sum of £1.  Their secretary Fiona started to fill it with some books and toys and in the past few weeks it has really taken off. People have been using, sharing and enjoying it- all for free. As well as books, games, toys and DVDs, people have also been leaving tins of food. Everything donated is wiped down, and there are gloves available for picking up items.

We love this creative repurposing of an unused phone box- bringing a community together and providing resources for anyone who needs them, as well as an opportunity to pass on unwanted but perfectly good items!

We want to keep sharing positive examples of community support- if you have a story to share, email or tweet us @OTBcommunities!

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