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How can Dads get more confident to give advice?

Posted July 18th 2017 by Jill

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I attended the ‘Ask Dad’ project Launch at the end of June as part of our work in our Families project. ‘Ask Dad’ is a project by Fast Forward focused on health education, training and upskilling for Scottish Dads nationwide in partnership Fathers Network Scotland.

The project is being developed in response to recent research that Dads are the most common first contact for young people with questions on risk taking behaviour. Despite this it is often the case that Dads lack confidence in being able to address these issues and can often be perceived as poor role models. The educational sessions developed by the project seek to address risk taking, health and wellbeing, including alcohol, gambling, substance misuse, smoking, mental health, and online safety to better equip Dads with the skills to better respond to children’s health queries and consider their own risk taking behaviour. The project is for fathers of all descriptions, any man with a parenting role, with children of any age and training is free.

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