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Belly Dancing Residents at Whim Hall

Posted May 30th 2017 by Ciara

For the last couple of weeks our Flourishing Borders has been at Whim Hall care home where many of the residents are living with dementia. We had arranged for the wonderful Diane to do two taster belly dancing sessions with the residents after they told us they enjoyed music and dancing at the Happiness Habits café we held there earlier in the year.

When we arrived for the first session 10 residents were waiting in the snooker room for us all looking a bit apprehensive especially when Diane appeared in her full belly dancing costume. Diane started by giving them a little demonstration before talking the residents through and demonstrating some simple exercises they could do to help improve their mobility. The residents then all got an opportunity to try out the exercises to music. Diane’s music choice was right up their street from Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs to Elvis and everything in between. Some joined in with the exercises, some sat tapping their feet singing along to the music whilst others sat and watched and took it all in. They all seemed to have enjoyed themselves but we would need to wait and see if they came back the following week.

We returned last week for the second session, word had obviously got out as the room was packed, 16 residents had come along this time and they were all really looking forward to the session and the atmosphere in the room was much more relaxed than it had been the previous week. Diane followed the same format as the previous week but this time around the residents engaged a lot more, they shared stories and reminisced about the songs, they helped and encouraged each other with some of the exercises and they joined in for a longer period of time. We had lots of laughter, feet tapping and singing too. Afterwards the activities coordinator said that it was the most alert she had seen some of the residents. She is hoping to continue with the sessions and have it as a regular activity in Whim Hall.

For more information about our Flourishing Borders project please contact Christine or you can read our Top Tips and Happiness Habits .

More information about Belly dancing in care homes can also be found on our website.



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