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About the project

Mums Supporting Mums began in 2011 as a partnership project to develop peer support to mums living in rural areas.

A lot has happened since then

    • The mums groups have gone on to develop in their own ways.
    • We piloted baby massage groups as another way to reach new mums and put them in touch with other mums.
    • We have worked with young parents to find out what types of support works for them.
    • People in many other places have used the resources developed by the project to set up peer support groups in their areas.
    • We now have a new project exploring peer support for people in parenting roles

Material and updates are available on the Mums Supporting Mums project website

Things to read

We have produced a series of Hints and Tips to help more people get started in other areas – these cover topics such as setting up a buggy group, finding funds and using social media; all are available to download below.

We have also published the Mums Mental Health and Wellbeing report which explains how this project links into other developments.

Things to watch

‘Our Story So Far’ – the Mums Supporting Mums film

‘Our Story So Far’ is a short video (23.11) which hears from those involved in the Mums Supporting Mums groups and gives advice on how to get started yourself.

The film is also available through Healthy Valley’s website.

Partners & Funders

Project Blogs

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