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About the project

Local People Linking raises awareness of older people’s human rights based on their lived experiences in their communities. We co-deliver human rights sessions with community members across a range of different groups.

We are supporting older people from a variety of backgrounds as they develop and share information that is accessible on activities and services happening in their area.

We’re here to help bring groups together to learn about each other and create new opportunities in the community.

The project is running in East Renfrewshire and Aberdeenshire.

Learning about rights

As part of the Local People Linking project, we are offering free human rights training. This is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about human rights and how they play a part in community supports and activities for older people.

Who is it for? All are welcome, including older people, families, friends, community groups as well as workers from any sector working with older people.

What’s involved? Taster sessions at a time and place suitable for community groups and/or practitioners. We offer a follow up session to support the group with any action points and further training if required.

What people have told us so far

Access to information is key.

Participation has to be meaningful.

Diversity – recognising that not all older people enjoy the same things.

Raising awareness – older people want to be informed so they can inform others.

Human rights are about making your lived experiences heard.

Where we have been so far
  • Training community members and practitioners in Dunterlie
  • We held a joint human rights event with our Rural Wisdom project in Eaglesham
  • We delivered taster sessions with RAMH and the Fairweather group in Barrhead
  • Further sessions are planned across East Renfrewshire throughout summer
  • We are supporting each group to develop their own rights charter so they can report on the things that are important to them in their communities and learn from each other.
Get in touch

If you are interested in learning about rights training, or would like to get in touch about any other aspects of this project, please contact:

Jill: / 07841015949 (East Renfrewshire)

Caroline: / 07841015845 (Aberdeenshire)

Partners and Funders

We have been working with ERDA, East Renfrewshire Disability Action in our Local People Linking project. Below is their Manifesto for an Ordinary Life, put together by adults with learning disabilities  who told them what they need for an ordinary life.

·       Choose where I live and who I live with

·       Choose my support staff

·       Have happy staff who love their job

·       Choose my friends and have a social life

·       Choose how I spend my time

·       Choose what time I go to bed

·       I want the right to have relationships and a sex life

·       I want to be active and welcome in my community

·       I want to have a proper paid job

·       I don’t want bad stuff said about me in the media on my disability 

·         Nothing special, just ordinary.  

Mearns Kirk Helping Hands Open Day and Art and Craft Exhibition

One of the groups we had a Learning about Rights session with was with the Helping Hands Group at Mearns Kirk. Click here to find out about the group’s open day

Project Blogs

Certified Living Wage

Outside the Box is a certified living wage employer