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“O.A.P. Takes on New Age Kurling”

Posted November 7th 2017 by Guest blogger - Frank

kurling set

A guest blog from Frank who has been coming along to try out ‘new age kurling’ with a group we’re supporting to get going through our Happiness Habits project

After years of watching the professionals playing Big Boys Curling, I learned from my friend about New Age Kurling at the Langlee Centre.

I felt this had some appeal, as it didn’t require any training and apparently even an old fool like me could do it! After completing my basic training (one game actually), I attended Langlee fairly regularly, but was happy to hear that a rink was to be opened at Caddonfoot Village Hall which would be much more convenient.

On opening day, along came 8-10 likewise mixed individuals all with the same level of experience (ie. none) to start up indoor Kurling at Cadonfoot.  As it can be played either standing or sitting, it is open to all.

The game is simple, (well we made it so)! You just have to use a ‘pusher’ to get your stone from one end of the hall to the other, attempting to get it to land in the ringed target area. You earn 5 points if you get it in the centre down to 1 point in the outer ring. You get two attempts at this then, you have to change ends.

Sounds easy I hear you say, however the skill is making sure you don’t put too much strength into the manoeuvre. Two ends are played then the score is added up. It does require a lot of practice, but already many of the players are getting into the swing of the game.

Apart from the game itself, a number of other things happen. It gets us out every week to enjoy a bit of a laugh, some light exercise and a cup of tea of coffee. If we have been good, Joan will produce a cake!

It’s a perfect way to spend a couple of hours on a Thursday afternoon. Long may it continue!!!

Find our more about New Age Kurling!


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