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Moving Forward Learning Network Event – 10th Nov

Posted November 2nd 2016 by Ruth

Moving Forward is a project we’re working on with Turning Point Scotland, the Glasgow Community Justice Authority and other partners in Glasgow to create more choice and control in support for people in touch with the criminal justice system.

Learning network event: What are the risks of using an SDS approach in criminal justice?

Moving Forward’s second learning network event will focus on the topic of risk in relation to self directed support and criminal justice. Participants will be asked to identify the actual and potential risks and generate discussion around how to mitigate those risks. For example; what are the risks to individuals? To communities? What are the legal and good practice risks for social workers in relation to initial assessment and ongoing evaluation? What are the challenges to existing systems and procedures? How do we balance risk with enablement? What are the financial risks?

The learning network event will take place in Glasgow on Thursday 10th November. It will begin at 9.30am and will end at 12.30pm. Tea/coffee will be served (although lunch will not be provided).

See full event details and register for the free event

Moving Forward


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