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The local elections have been and gone – now what?

Posted May 19th 2017 by Alice

A protest

After an election it can be tempting to think “well, that’s it all over now. I’ve done my bit.” If you weren’t able to vote in the first place you might feel even more distanced from taking an interest in who is in charge of what where you live.

But this is a great time to try to make the improvements you want in your community. The newly-elected local MPs/MSPs are now looking for projects to get stuck into and they want to hear from people like you about what could be better where you live. Contacting your local MP/MSP is easier than you might think, just go to this website and enter your postcode. You’ll then see information on your MP, your constituency MSP (if you live in Scotland) and a list of other MPs in your area. All you need to do is click their names and you’ll be able to send them a message. It couldn’t be easier.

Someone protesting

It’s important to remember that politics doesn’t just happen on polling and election days, it happens all year round. By working with your local MPs/MSPs you can work towards making your community better.

Apart from working with your local MSP or MP, here are some other ways you can get political in your area:

  • Protest – Is something happening that you don’t agree with? Write to that organisation or group. See if a few people feel the same way and arrange a rally.
  • Contact your local police station – Your local police can be a great way to tackle problems like noise pollution and intimidating behaviour.
  • Campaign – Maybe there’s something you don’t like going on, or maybe there’s something great which you wish was happening all over Scotland. Start a campaign on websites like and make your voice heard.

Remember that the General Election is also coming up. Be sure to vote on June the 8th if you are able to vote.


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