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Sep 20 2017

Scottish Rural Action Conference


Scottish Rural Action is an organisation which runs Scotland’s Rural Parliament and supports the development of a rural movement, aiming to act as a voice for the people of rural Scotland.

Their annual conference, this year entitled “Inclusive rural development post 2020: Towards a vision for rural Scotland”, is running over 19th – 20th Sept.


Where you'll find us

We will be there on the second day of the conference (20th Sept), speaking in one of the afternoon workshops about our Rural Wisdom project which aims to make Scotland’s rural areas work better for older people.

Come along to the workshop at 3.15pm on Inclusiveness & wellbeing in rural Scotland to hear more about the work we’re doing and be part of this discussion.

Find out more

For full details of the conference and how to book a place, go to the Scottish Rural Action website

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