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5 Tips to make eating more enjoyable

Posted October 3rd 2016 by Christine

Different types of food

5 Tips to make eating more enjoyable

As people age, their interest in eating and mealtime enjoyment can change. Some older adults find that their senses of taste or smell decrease, making food seem less appealing than it did in the past. Others eat less because of difficulties chewing or digesting as they get older. Here are our top 5 tips:

1    Eat small amounts more often and make sure you drink lots of fluid.

2    Add herbs and spices to food to give it more flavour, or how about some Worcester Sauce?

3    Eat your biggest amount of food when your appetite is at its best, it doesn’t matter when in the day that is.

4    Make the food look appealing with lots of different colours and textures. We eat with our eyes too.

5    If possible eat in company, food is more enjoyable if we have someone to chat to.

To find out more about eating well as you get older, visit the Food Buddies page on our website.


  • Posted by M on January 18th 2017
    This is a great post. I look after my elderly Mum and have watched her appetite diminish steadily over the past few years. I have found however that if I space the courses out, give Mum small portions and put lots of colour on the plate, she will eat 3 courses. Hurrah!

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